Workplace Mediation

Mediation is the quickest and most cost effective way to reach an agreement

A skilled and experienced Mediator will be able to help you address workplace issues causing conflict, and come up with an agreement that suits all parties involved. A key aim of mediation is to resolve issues and avoid protracted and costly court proceedings.

Six reasons why Mediation works

More cost effective

Mediation is far more cost effective than going to court because it only involves the Mediator and the parties in conflict. The process generally takes significantly less time, so there is less expense.

Faster results

Mediation can achieve results fairly quickly – normally within a few sessions. Going to court can be a time consuming, protracted process. Most mediation cases are settled within 30 days of initiating the process.

Less stress & conflict

Mediation is far less formal and intimidating than going to court. The mediation session will be done in private, sometimes with both parties in the same room, but often with each person in separate rooms. The mediator will guide the couple through the day, helping them address any areas of conflict.

You decide

In mediation, a solution is found through consensual discussion, so is more likely to suit both parties. In a court case, an outcome is imposed on both parties.

Private, informal

Mediation is done away from the courts (and the public) at a suitable location to all parties. Information discussed during mediation cannot be used as evidence in a trial or judicial process.

Relationships maintained

Agreement is reached through consensual discussion and is a far less taxing process than going to trial in a court. There’s more potential to maintain the relationship post mediation, which is obviously better for the workplace and all parties involved.

Emverio endorsed Workplace Mediator

Michael Maguire is an Emverio endorsed Workplace Mediator. This means that:

  • The mediator has been approved by Emverio Workplace Mediations to conduct workplace mediations on its’ behalf.
  • The mediator has been trained in applying the Emverio Workplace Mediations model.
  • The mediator is provided de-briefing and professional development opportunities.
  • The mediator reports to the Emverio National Practice Manager and has a workplace complaints and feedback process that you can access.
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